GeoWS Overview

The GeoWS approach is to enable search, discovery, and data access across widely varying
data provider content by using a consistent pattern for construction query URLs.

Funded project partners include: Caltech, Columbia, IRIS, UCSD/SDSC, Unidata

More information: GeoWS project page

Technical Information

GeoWS Service Template and GeoCSV documents.

Partner Developed GeoWS Services

Here is a list of GeoWS-style web service endpoints.

Unfunded Collaborator Endpoints

The GeoWS project also includes the development of prototype GeoWS-style services for
unfunded collaborator data representing data sets in other geoscience disciplines.
Because these data cannot be modify to fit a GeoWS style service, the services shown
here provide a proxy service which illustrates the GeoWS style interface.

These proxy services are developed for this project by the IRIS DMC. In addition to
developing each service, Swagger Specification – now Open API Initiative and
and swagger-ui are being evaluated as shown here: GeoWS Proxy Services.
Within each service, to build a URL, use the “Try it out” botton in the “HEAD” operation.

Quick Links

Cross-domain URL comparison:

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