GeoWS Overview

The GeoWS approach is to enable search, discovery, and data access across widely varying
data provider content by using a consistent pattern for constructing query URLs.

Funded project partners include: Caltech, Columbia, IRIS, UCSD/SDSC, Unidata

More information: GeoWS project page

Technical Information and Downloads

GeoWS-Style Services

Multiple services were developed to illustrate and test the concepts of GeoWS query
patterns and GeoCSV style of data retrieval.

Funded Partner Developed GeoWS Services

Unfunded Collaborator Services

The approach taken is for IRIS DMC to build prototype services on behalf of each unfunded
collaborator respectively. Selected data is accessed in its native form and query patterns,
then reformated and returned to the requesting client. The general process is:

Build an Unfunded GeoWS URL: